Couple: Albert and Devi
Wedding Venue: Seb’s Bistro @Rochester Park
Photographer: The Wagyu Story
Wedding Planner: Eternally Yours – provided from the venue (they only do the dinner and food)
Wedding Gown: Blessed Brides
Make-up Artist: Indonesian based artist
Entertainment: None, the bride personally compiled the songs played during the reception.
Cakes: My Fat Lady
Catering: Seb Bistro
Decoration: Poppy Flora Studio

What made you decide to choose an outdoor wedding? Did you consider an indoor wedding?
Both of us thought an indoor wedding was too old school :) We wanted something different and a venue which the guests and us can enjoy. We thought an outdoor setting would be less formal and would provide a more personal touch. Nevertheless, we did consider indoor venues due to the date of the wedding. Our wedding was held during the month of December (which is typically the rainy season) and we were afraid that holding it outdoors might backfire. After careful deliberation and lots of prayers, we finally decided to take the plunge and hold an outdoor wedding.

What were some of the guests’ comments on your wedding?
We’ve only heard good comments from the guests so far!
The food was delicious and the desserts were awesome and nicely presented. The guests said that they liked the ambience. Actually the only drawback was the transport as it was Christmas Eve and some guests had to wait a while to get cabs. Fortunately, the staff at Seb’s Bistro were able to help us book some cabs for them.

Another huge compliment that we received was the pre-wedding photo album. A lot of our friends thought the photographer did a good job capturing our personalities and compiling them into a creative album.

What made Seb Bistro perfect for an outdoor wedding?
It’s very secluded and you don’t see big crowds there. We liked the greenery around the area because it had a cozy and intimate feel to it. The layout of the place also tied in nicely with our wedding plans. We did consider some other places around the area but they were either too small for our arrangement or out of our budget.

What are some of the things to look out for?
The most important thing to consider for an outdoor wedding is the weather!!!
Also, you should take note of the accessibility of the place. As Seb Bistro is located in a more secluded area, guests who need to take a cab when going home can face some issues.

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