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URL: http://www.elsiekitchen.com.sg
TEL: +65 6288 4457
EMAIL: sales@elsiekitchen.com.sg
ADD: 7 Lichfield Road Singapore 556827

Company Background
Elsie’s Kitchen Catering is sensitive to the fact that a function is much more than just fine food and good company. It’s part of a bigger occasion; often a personal or emotional milestone, a wedding, birthday, anniversary or christening. In the corporate sector, catering is part of today’s ritual of doing business. Whether you are catering for a simple boardroom lunch or a product launch for thousands of guests, we will professionally attend to your particular needs.

We are proud of our reputation for producing fine food. Every dish created by us contains these ingredients:

Freshness – All ingredients are market-fresh and hand picked for premium quality. All foods, hot and cold, are prepared just prior to delivery, so appearance, aroma and flavour are irresistible.

Authenticity – Every dish is prepared with loving reverence for the original, time-honoured recipe.

Presentation – All food is served with a dash of pizzazz. We understand that fine food is enjoyed three times: in the anticipation, in the presentation, and in the fulfillment.

Enjoy your own function – We can cover everything from menu planning to food preparation, all accessories, delivery, setup, serving and clearing.

Exclusivity – Our tantalising selection includes dishes that have been passed down through generations.

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