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Company Background

Love is a glimpse of heaven and my craft focuses on making it eternal. It is an honest effort to honour and preserve that joy. Not just the white dress, lights or glitz but the essence of your special moments: the squeeze of hands as the couple marches proudly together, the welling of tears in the eyes of your proud parents, the promise of forever written in that one symbolic kiss.
With bountiful enthusiasm and a keen eye for that one perfect moment, my photography reciprocates the trust of young couples with albums of photos about, and made with, love.

Through my lens, the fleeting, beautiful moments imprinted in perpetual; the bride’s glide down the aisle, her smile bashful, her cheeks flushed. The groom’s wide-eyed glint as he sees his soul mate, his heart steadying with love…
Love, that is what I capture.

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