julian lim and jacqueline ng

Couple: Julian & Jacqueline
Wedding Venue: Nikko Bali Resort & Spa (Nusa Dua, Bali)
AD Videography: Bali Biroe
Make up Artist: Angel Chua (First deaf & mute make-up artist in S’pore)
Wedding Planner: Liong Peah Ching (I Do Bali Wedding)
Venue Decor: I Do Bali Wedding
Pre-wedding & AD Photography: I Do Bali Wedding
Wedding Gowns: Vivo Bridals (Shanghai) & Royal Bridals (Suzhhou)

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The bride, Jacqueline, shares with us why she and her husband chose Bali as their wedding destination.

So Jacqueline, why Bali?
Bali is a fiesta for the senses. It lies just south of the equator and boasts nice weather all year round (minus the humidity we face here in Singapore). There are kilometers of dreamy beaches (with white sand in the south and black sand in the north and west) that is a nice juxtapose against the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean. The island brings an unequivocal state of relaxation and calmness which cannot be found in other places. The warmth and the hospitality of the Balinese are also endearing to us. But most of all, Bali is just a 2.5 hrs flight from home.

Were there any problems in coordinating the wedding?
Yes. Because of Bali’s popularity as a wedding destination, we had to source and confirm our wedding venue more than a year in advance. We also had to take into consideration the monsoon season over there to avoid the rain as it is an outdoor wedding.
To ensure fair weather for our ceremony, we even engaged a “Rain Stopper” (a common practice in Bali) to pray for good weather.

Another problem we faced was with our marriage certificate. As it was an international certificate, we had to get the “single status” letter from the Singapore Registry of Marriage and send it over to the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta to get the approval before we were allowed to get married in Bali.

The last problem was with planning the accommodation and transportation for the entourage (mainly relatives & close friends).

However we were really grateful to our wedding coordinators there as they were very patient in attending to our needs and guided us along to make it a smooth and memorable event. All in all, the issues we faced were well-worth it. Our intimate wedding reception amidst the lush tropical paradise is something we will always cherish.

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