who wants to be a millionaire

Have you heard about the Game Show who wants to be a Millionaire? While this one works pretty similar to it. Of course this game will win no one a million dollars, but some of you will walk away richer.

The rules of the game is fairly simple. At the beginning of the game, the Groom is charged an Ang Pow of $X (this figure is up to you girls to decide). During the game, the groom will have to answer a series of 10 questions. Each time he gets the answer right, the Sum dwindles. Here are some figures as illustration:

Starting Sum: $688
1 Correct: $658 (safety zone)
2 Correct: $588
3 Correct: $558
4 Correct: $488 (safety zone)
5 Correct: $458
6 Correct: $388
7 Correct: $358 (safety zone)
8 Correct: $288
9 Correct: $258
10 Correct: $188

However, what happens if they get the wrong answer? Well if they answer incorrectly, the game will end and the groom will have to pay the sum at the last safety zone. So if for example, the Groom is at Question 3 but gets it wrong, he must pay $658 to the sisters.

Using this game, you can put his knowledge about the Bride to the test and see how well he understands her! Now the Groom will have an added incentive to know his wife-to-be better!

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