Jiemeis and Xiongdis how can we do without them for any Singapore wedding? So what exactly do these bridesmaids and groomsmen do? And how exactly should we remunerate them?

Jiemeis and Xiongdis are, in general the wedding helpers of the Bride and Groom during the wedding day for any Singapore wedding. They play roles ranging from helping with the wedding preparation, to planning games for the gatecrash, and as ushers or receptionists during the wedding banquet. And as a token of appreciation for the hard work they’ve put in to make the wedding a success, the Singapore Bride and Groom usually rewards them with an ang pow.

Typical Responsibilities of a Jiemei/ Bridesmaid

Typical Responsibilities of a Xiongdi/ Groomsmen

Who Should Pay for the Jiemeis and Xiongdi’s Attire?
If the wedding couple requires some quirky colour code (bright purple/hot pink) or some attire that is unlikely to be worn on other occasions, then they are expected to pay for their helpers’ attire on the Wedding Day. If however the dress code is less unusual or if there is none at all, then the Couple have the option to not pay for the attire. In the case where the wedding couple decide not to pay for their wedding helpers‘ wear, it is always nice to top up their ang pows as a way to thank the wedding helpers for the extra trouble of getting clothing that match their requirements.

As for the corsages, the Singapore wedding couple are usually the ones who pays for them.

Should I Pay for their Transport?
This question really depends. If the wedding events starts early (i.e. before the public transport system grind into action) then the helpers will have to choice but to take use taxis. In that case, the Bride can either offer to let the Jiemeis stay over night at her place or to pay for their cab ride. The same goes for the Groom and his Xiongdis. However, the payment is not as ostentatious as giving a sum of money for their transport. Rather it is lumped with the rest of the ang pow money. Also, if the wedding banquet is expected to run late, it is always nice to provide some allowance in the ang pow for the helpers to cater for cab fare. If the wedding couple is nice enough, they can also provide one night accommodation at the Hotel so the wedding helpers can save the cab ride home.

What are some of the angpows that a Jiemeis should receive?
The Jiemeis at the door will demand a “entrance fee” from the groom before he can fetch his bride. This gatecrash ang pow is to be split amongst the sisters (this usually works out to an average of between $30-$100 for each Jiemei). The bride and groom is expected to give another ang pow to the Jiemeis and Xiongdis. For the Jiemeis, the sum really depends on how much is already given during gate crash. This additional ang pow is more of a token, and the total sum collected for gatecrash and ang pow usually ranges between $50-$150 depending on the couple’s financial status, plus the duties assigned to the helper (i.e. those who double up as emcees, those who are driving etc).

Also the parents of the Bride and Groom are also expected to give ang pows to the helpers. This sum usually ranges from $8-20 for each ang pow depending on how much the parents want to give.

Ang Pow from Helpers to Couple
Usually, the wedding helpers will give a ang pow that is “Banquet cost per pax” + “Ang Pow Received from Couple”. But I’ve also heard of people who gives ang pow that amounts to the “Cost of the banquet”. Personally, I feel that if you are a good friend of the Couple, then helping the couple should be out of your good-will and not as a way to “earn money” so I’d go by the “Banquet cost per pax” + “Ang Pow Received from Couple” doctrine. But ultimately, the sum is up to you and there is no clear-cut “right amount” to give, so give a sum that you can afford and is comfortable with.

Summing It Up
This guide is meant to give a rough idea about the duties of the wedding helpers and the kind of remuneration that they should receive. Hopefully this understanding will help to make everyone happy on a joyous occasion such as a Wedding!

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