Guide to Solemnizers for Singapore Weddings

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Guide to Solemnizers for Singapore Weddings
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Guide to Selecting Your Solemnizer

For most couples in Singapore who are planning to get married, they usually immediately start sourcing around for their banquet venue after settling on their wedding date for fear of not securing the venue that they wanted. But did you know that there is another equally “hot commodity”, which is the Solemnizer for your wedding?

In Singapore, licensed Solemnizers include Religious Leaders, Grassroots Leaders and Justices of the Peace. The Solemnizer will be the all-important person on your wedding day who will stand in front of your family members and friends and pronounce you man and wife. Trust us, if you are planning to get married in Singapore, this person will be really indispensable to your wedding!

Where can I find a Solemnizer?
You can find one from the Solemnizer List on ROM’s website. It can be a little daunting to pick blindly from the long list of names without knowing anything about them, so we have listed 5 popular Solemnizers in Singapore below. However, this does not mean that the rest aren’t any good. If you have been to a wedding where you found that the Solemnizer did a good job or heard good reviews about someone, use that as a gauge as word of mouth or personal experience is usually the best way to judge.

Dr Phua Tan Tee (shown in featured picture)
TEL: +65 6753 1028

Mr Tan Kian Hoon
TEL: +65 6221 8288

Assoc Prof Yu Shi Ming
TEL: +65 6467 2092

Mr Sim Khee Wang
TEL: +65 6563 6081

Mr Lee Keok Boon Peter
TEL: +65 9791 0598

Booking a Solemnizer
If you are superstitious about auspicious dates for your Solemnization, you can try using this website to check the date you have in mind. Next, drop your shortlisted Solemnizers a call or email and check with them about their availability.

Most Solemnizers are working on weekdays so they might prefer to only solemnize on weekends, while others might not do Sundays as that is their family day. The general rule is to accept bookings only 3 months before the wedding, but we would still recommend that you try to book early to secure your date. Besides, different Solemnizers have different approaches, so this rule may not apply to all anyway.

Once the date has been confirmed and the Solemnizer booked, email or fax your Solemniser the Consent To Solemnize Form for him or her to sign and return to you. Remember to also ask your Solemnizer for the name and contact number of his/her buddy Solemnizer, as you will need to contact this person if your Solemnizer does not show up on the wedding day in the event of an emergency.

Before your Solemnization, you will have to file notice of your marriage online and there will be a date where you are asked to go down to ROM to verify the documents. You’ll need the signed Consent Form when you head down to ROM. On that day, you’ll be taking an oath at ROM and collecting 1 original certificate and 1 photocopy certificate which the couple, witnesses and Solemnizer will sign on the day of the Solemnization.

The Solemnization Process
Though it is unlikely that your Solemnizer will forget, do drop him or her a gentle little reminder one week before your big day. On the day itself, prepare your wedding vowsmarch-in music and you are all set to go!

For the actual ceremony, your Solemnizer will need you to produce your marriage licence. He or she will then verify all documents and identities, and seek confirmation that the bride and groom are entering into marriage of their own free will. During the ceremony, the couple may exchange wedding rings and vows. Thereafter, all parties (groom, bride, 2 witnesses and Solemnizer) will sign on the marriage certificates. At the end of the ceremony, the Solemnizer will pronounce the weddig couple man and wife and hand over a copy of the Certificate of Marriage to the couple. And that’s it! You are legally married!

Last but not least, don’t forget to prepare an ang pow (market rate is about $50-100) for your Solemnizer as a token of appreciation and to cover the transport costs (they do have to take time off their busy schedules to preside over your wedding afterall) !

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    We want to married in singapore under ROM.
    Both of married person are Special Pass holder (SPass).Both are Myanmar.
    Could you help us how to arrange for register in Singapore ROM.
    Your reply is appreciate for us.


  2. Len March 13, 2013 at 8:24 pm - Reply

    I would highly recommend Mr Tan Hock Hua if you looking for a solemniser. He can be contacted at +65 90023382.

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