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If you caught the movie Eat, Pray, Love, chances are you would have been captivated by the picturesque scenes of Bali in the movie, such as Julia Roberts cycling along a vast expanse of green fields, or whiling away her time at the beautiful beaches and in rustic Balinese homes. With such beautiful scenery, it is understandable why this Indonesian island is at the top of the list for many Singapore wedding couples when it comes to overseas bridal shoots. Better yet, Bali is just a two and a half hours away by plane for us lucky Singaporeans, which makes having a photo shoot done in Bali an affordable option for most couples.

Lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east, Bali is an idyllic destination with backdrops ranging from vast expanses of green padi fields to brilliant blue seas. With its interesting blend of nature and culture, there are no shortage of backdrops for you to have your dream wedding photo collection.

Says Yu Hsin and KC from Tinydot Photography, “Bali is unique in that there are locations to suit any tastes.” For couples who love photos with gentle rolling waves and splendid sunsets, Bali has no lack of beaches, with popular beaches such as Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran to choose from.

If you prefer more rustic settings with lolling hills and wide open grass fields, you might want to have some photos taken in Ubud, a countryside area in Bali. Ubud is best-known for its beautiful terraced rice paddy fields, which make for some really stunning shots. Fans of Balinese-style architecture will also be glad to note that Ubud is home to numerous palaces, ancient temples, and museums, which offer some really majestic backdrops for their wedding photos.

So for couples looking for an alternative to the typical wedding photos shot in Singapore, Bali is definitely an option to consider. Besides, the cheap flights and inexpensive hotel rates means that you probably do not have to fork out extravagant sums for an overseas pre-wedding shoot. According to Yu Hsin and KC, Bali shoots often do not take more than two days, which makes it perfect as a weekend getaway for time-pressed couples!

If you are interested in a Bali wedding photo shoot, check out some of Tinydot Photography‘s works below!

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