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Just like how an education prepares us for a career, a marriage course will prepare couples for managing the challenges of living together. As you embark on a new journey together, there is a need to understand that it is not all rosy from the moment you say “I Do”. From finances, to expected roles and duties, some differences is inevitable. And if these problems are not addressed head on, it can snowball into more serious issues later on. So just like hard work is required for success, effort is also necessary for a marriage work. And we Singapore wedding couples are lucky that there are no lack of marriage prep coursesin Singapore to choose from.

So what better way to equip yourself with the essential knowledge and skills to marital bliss than to sign yourself up for a Marriage Prep Course in Singapore? These courses not only outline the important issues that couples face together but also provide some tips on how to manage them.

Some of the common topics that are covered in these sessions includes Financial Planning, Communication Skills, Conflict Management, Parenting and Roles and Responsibilities. These courses also help couples to discuss their respective duties and manage their expectations, so that an amicable understanding can be achieved between both parties.

Several organisations like Churches, Mosques and Community Centres in Singapore offer these wedding workshops. Such courses usually takes place once a week for 2hours and last between 5 to 8 weeks with the price ranging from $70 to around $300 per couple. Here’s a list of Marriage Prep courses and schedules in Singapore. MCYS even offers some rebates if you achieved full attendance for some the classes, making it a really affordable option.

Achieving a successful marriage is no mere feat. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” So identifying potential pitfalls and resolving them before they happen will definitely help sustain a loving relationship. And if one goes into a marriage with the right attitude and commitment, then making it last would not only be a possibility, but a reality.

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