Your friend’s getting married and you’re overwhelmed with pride and happiness for the couple. You know the red packet is compulsory, but at the same time, you would also like to give them something special to celebrate this special occasion. But what should you get them? This guide should help!

Gift cards
Organizing a wedding in Singapore burns big holes in the pocket. What can be better than cash? More cash of course! As newlyweds create a new home for themselves, help contribute to their love nest, while still giving them to freedom to choose according to their preferences. Some people balk at the idea of giving vouchers; but I bet your friend will be secretly pleased to get some help in this area!
Try vouchers from: furniture stores like Ikea and Courts, electrical appliance stores like Harvey Norman and Best Denki, and even NTUC or Cold Storage vouchers for grocery shopping!

Dessert-loving kitchen appliances
Desserts are the best accompaniment for sweet romance. Allow the newlyweds to indulge in some couple time in the kitchen with dessert-making appliances as your gift! One suggestion is a waffle maker. Your friends will surely enjoy making waffles, playing around with flour batter, and enjoying them at any time of the day! Waffles are great for breakfast or any other meals, and go really well with ice-cream, scrambled eggs or even just a dash of maple syrup! It’s easy enough for both men and women to use, and perhaps even the kids too (when they arrive)!

Timeless wine
Good wine will serve as a sophisticated gift that is great for house parties, or just for the couple to savor under the moonlight. Plus, wine only gets better with age, and thus there is no need to worry that it will go unused. And what a great way to wish your friend a marriage that will get better with time (like wine)! There are plenty of varieties to choose from, from smooth and fruity to the heavy or acidic wines. Please do your homework on what kind of wine the couple likes though, as you wouldn’t want to purchase something that doesn’t suit their taste!

Paintings, artwork or sculptures
If you’re one of those born with an artistic flair,  then there’s nothing better than giving the newlyweds a piece of artwork that you’ve made yourself. If not, buying your friends a lovely painting would help to add a touch of color to their new home! Your gift might also encourage the couple to pick up a new hobby of art appreciation!

A part of yourself
We’re not suggesting this literally, of course, but if all else fails, give with your heart! Planning a wedding can be stressful and agonizing. If you’re a good friend, simply lend a helping hand to your friend will be more meaningful than any gift you buy. They will surely appreciate your precious time and effort invested in their wedding and will be grateful to you for a long time to come.

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