Hot Air Balloon

This is one wedding proposal story that is sure to make any girl jealous. If proposing on a hot air balloon has always been a fantasy of yours, here are some tips from someone who has successfully pulled it off! Our male protagonist, Colin Lim, kindly shares his amazing wedding proposal experience with us.

Couple: Colin Lim and Joanne Teh
Venue: In a hot air balloon, at Yarra Valley, Melbourne
When: 26 May, 2009

Hi Colin, I hear you have a fantastic proposal story. What was it like?

I proposed on a hot-air balloon in Yarra Valley, Melbourne. We had to arrange with another hot air balloon company to display the proposal banner which says “Joanne, will you marry me?” at the same time that I pop the question. Actually, there were several other concerns like the weather, so I had to cater for contingencies as well!

It wasn’t easy since I was in Singapore and I had to make the logistical arrangements from overseas. Luckily, one of my brothers is based in Melbourne so he really helped in making it successful!

Wow Colin, an air balloon proposal! Not many girls in Singapore would dream of a proposal like this. What inspired you to come up with this idea?

Well, a hot air balloon proposal is not a new idea, just an expensive one! The idea popped into my head when we saw an advertisement for air-ballooning while Joanne and I were on holiday in Brisbane, Australia. I thought to myself, what a cool way to propose!

Yeah! That was a really cool way to propose. How long did you take to put your proposal plan into action?

I started planning for this almost immediately after we returned from Brisbane. However, the actual logistical arrangements were only made from Feb 2009 onwards, when we booked our flight to Australia and purchased the air-ballooning tickets. Fortunately, my elder brother who stays in Melbourne was able to help with some parts of the planning, and I was able to keep it a secret from Joanne.

What were some of the problems you faced?

I think the most difficult part was bringing the proposal banner to Melbourne and not getting Joanne suspicious! Luckily, my brother in Melbourne is an architect so I was able to pass off the banner as some construction blue-prints!

The other problem was the long-distance issue. I had to coordinate with not just one, but two air-ballooning companies since the other company was helping with the banner. I was lucky that both companies were really professional, so the entire plan went really smoothly!

Also, proposing on a hot air balloon means that you are at the mercy of the weather! It was raining the night before the proposal and I was really concerned! Thank God the weather turned out fine in the end!

And of course I had to make sure I didn’t drop the ring overboard while proposing in mid-air!

I’m sure a proposal like this must have cost you a bomb! Care to share some of the costs involved?

The hot-air balloon tickets alone cost AUD561 (or about SGD640). The banner was another SGD160. Of course, there were the other travel expenses like flights and accommodation for the holiday.

Colin, sounds like you really put in a lot of effort into this proposal! I’m sure Joanne was and still is very touched! For the rest of the guys out there, hope you’ve been inspired to come up with a special proposal just like this one!

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