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With so many budget flights plying the Singapore-Hong Kong/Shenzhen route, Singapore brides can easily look beyond Singapore’s shore when it come to sourcing. Take for example a cheong sam. Getting it tailored in Singapore can easily cost upwards of $300. But one secret my friend residing in Hong Kong has shared with me is that alot of Hong Kong-ers tailor their stuff in Shenzhen because it is really cheap to do so.

Many in Hong Kong make one-day trips to Shenzhen and in fact, most don’t venture beyond Luohu Commercial City. Luohu is the big shopping centre which can be found right outside the Shenzhen side of the Immigration check-point. So if you are looking to tailor your wedding dress or cheong sam, simply pop into any random tailor shop within the shopping mall.

There are lots of stuff inside Luohu. And located right on the top floor are several tailors with numerous cloth wholesalers on the same floor. My friend got her cheong sam tailored there for HKD360, one fifth the price which one would expect to pay for a quality cheong sam in Singapore. And it wasn’t difficult either. What she did was pick a cloth from the wholesale cloth market located on the top floor, then had her measurement taken at the tailor’s shop which was just 2min away.

In fact, she even had her evening gown tailored there for about HKD900, cheaper than in Hong Kong, and definitely much cheaper compared to Singapore. In fact, why stop at just the Bride’s stuff. Men can also get their suits tailored in Shenzhen for less than $150 and bridesmaid dresses can also be bought for bargain prices (think $30/piece).

With so much deals to bag, it’s no wonder that more and more Singaporean are getting their wedding dresses settled in Hong Kong. To make the most out of your trip, always come prepared with an idea of the fabric and design you want. Also, if you are on a short trip, then note that you might have to have your garment shipped back to Singapore and this will cost extra. Remember to inquire about this before hand.

And lastly, if your tailor is speedy enough, or your trip long enough, then you’ll have the benefit of trying on your finished product. Get any alterations done before you make any payments to ensure that your products are up to your standards. It’ll be too late to get your garment fixed when you are back in Singapore.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re likely to get your bang for buck at Shenzhen.

Some Shops to Look out for in Luohu

Cheongsam & Wedding Dress Tailor

Tailor Wang Jing Wai
Add: #19, 5th Floor

Judy Tailor Shop
Add: #5067, 5th Floor

Men’s Tailor
Tony Tailor Shop
Add: #5123, 5th Floor

Christina Tailor Shop
Add: #5055A, 5th Floor

John Chi
Add: #35, 5th Floor

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  1. April 26, 2014

    How long does a dress usually take? Can I bring in my own clothes and they can replicate it too. I did this in Shanghai before.

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